Most people avoid getting into discussions about car insurance, mostly because of the clouds of confusion that surround this subject. And to some extent because they themselves have been ignorant about it and never bothered to decipher what factors buying car insurance could entail, which leads them to believe in insurance-related myths in the first place. Some don’t bother buying car insurance cover for their wheels while others consider it a necessary evil and buy the cheapest and the most easily available cover without comparing quotes from other insurance companies, just because they have to.

However, more and more people have started looking at auto insurance with a renewed perspective after realizing that by doing a little bit of research they can not only get a cost-effective insurance cover, but also make the most of their insurance scheme by getting their fundamentals right. There are many online websites that provide a comprehensive guide to Car Insurance in the US in a bid to educate car buyers and owners on the benefits of having an insurance cover. 

If you’re a car owner (or planning to purchase one) and a prospective first-time car insurance buyer, who finds himself bewildered at the mere mention of the term ‘car insurance,’ then look no further. Read on as coming up ahead are a few pointers on how you can buy an inexpensive insurance cover for your car in a stress-free way.        

Comparison of Covers

There are so many insurance companies all around the country that are just falling over each other for customers who want to buy car insurance. The modern-day consumer is fortunate as he has the convenience to be able to buy insurance online. What is tough is deciding which plan to opt for that is easy on the pocket as well as provides the coverage amount that you need.

This is where insurance agents and comparison websites come into play. As a customer you can visit any of these agents and ask for various car insurance policies and ask them to help you with comparing their quotes and features. You could also do some research online about this. Besides this, you could also consult your friends and family for recommendations and warnings based on their experience.    

The Age Factor

Studies (and life experience) have shown that younger drivers might be more prone to reckless driving and accidents than their more mature counterparts. This is why your age plays a role in determining the cost of car insurance, along with other factors such as marital status and driving history. Typically, the premium lowers progressively for buyers that are aged 25 years and above as people between the ages 25 and 55 have been found to be safe and responsible drivers and hence end up with cheaper car insurance rates and lower premiums. As our elders taught us – it’s always good to be responsible – makes so much more sense now, doesn’t it?

Avoid Too Many Upgrades

No doubt car upgrades such as installing alloy wheels and car body kits will make the car look more attractive, but avoiding them can get you cheap insurance. We all like personalizing our cars with upgrades and accessories, but these factors can be instrumental in raising your insurance premiums significantly. So it is up to you and your priorities, really. Maybe you could consider postponing the upgrades and modifications to a little later and save on your premiums? Be sure to choose this aspect wisely.

Live in a Low Crime Area

The extent of crime in your area and the distance from your home to your workplace are also important factors that insurance companies consider while deciding on your car insurance premium. The likelihood of crimes such as car theft, break-ins and car damage would be relatively lesser in areas that are considered safe and hence people who live and park overnight in such locations would require a lower insurance cover.

Additionally, if the distance from your home to your workplace is shorter, there is a good chance that you will end up spending lesser time driving your car and hence, are less likely to meet with or cause accidents.  Insurance agents use this kind of information to determine the specific rate of your car insurance.

Keep your Driving Record Clean

This is one of the most crucial factors that insurance companies consider while determining your premium. Always ensure that you drive carefully on the road and avoid becoming a high risk customer. Maintaining a clean driving record is vital to getting cheap insurance. Remember, accidents and convictions will surely reflect in your driving history for years to come.

Having a good driving record also puts you in a position to ask for discounts from your insurance company. As long as you meet their standards of what they consider as “safe,” do not hesitate in asking them about it, if they do not inform you about it themselves.

If you think it’ll help you, then you might even want to take driving classes to sharpen your driving skills as a step to maintaining a clean record. Keep in mind that if you ever get into an accident, it would be very difficult for you to regain the driving benefits that you used to get as a safe driver.

Annual versus Monthly Premium

If you can, opt for annual insurance premium payment plans rather than monthly plans as that way you can avoid paying the interest component every month, which if you calculate, is quite a substantial amount. Hence, paying yearly turns out to be much cheaper than monthly payments.

To Conclude

The above mentioned tips are just a few of the many strategies that you can adopt to buy cheap car insurance. The crux of the matter remains the same throughout – be smart, be wise and avoid making mistakes. Having the correct information can help you land the correct insurance cover that’s just right for your car.

Lori Wagoner is a marketing and business consultant working in car insurance sector in the U.S. Catch Lori on Twitter @LoriDWagoner.