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PES 2018: Tricks to succeed

We all love it, but we even know that it is not easy to play like a boss and win every game. So, here are some tips and tricks compiled to help you succeed and will almost every match you play.

Pass and move

This is not a secret tip, but you need to focus on it more than ever because PES 2018 is quick and sensitive. Your finger tips should be ready to make quick passes and keep moving. Even if you have the best player (for us it is Messi), you need to be really quick.

And yes, start practicing it. Slowly and steadily you will be able to move the ball quickly. After all, you need skill and sharp responses for the same.

Balanced Team

Building our favorite team is easy, but one should not assume that our favorite team is balanced. Yes, we are leaving out someone because we don’t know much about their abilities (or let’s face it! We hate them and so we don’t want them in our regular team).

Apart from players, we need to focus on the formations too.

Plan to defend

We want to score more and win more. However, it is important to defend better if you want to win an important game. To defend well, you need to contain your opponents. You can do this by attempting to push players towards the wings. Here, make sure that you send a second player and pressure your opponent. You can send a second player by holding square (PS4) and X (XBOX).

Another important point here is – you should never try to commit to every tackle. Save your energy and strategy for the crucial ones.


PES 2018 is a superior game, and there are infinite ways to score. The game makes your shooting crisp and sharp. However, the finesse shots take practice. So, it is important to practice such shots. When in a game, practice shots even while playing with a lesser-known team (if you are winning the game).

Pace control

This can be difficult at the start. However, once you get used to playing, you can expect controlled shots that reach the target.

Tip: When starting out, you should try and bring players into the game to control midfield battles. Sprinting all the time won’t help. In fact, it will make things worse for you. Stamina issues are here to stay, and you can expect this little reason to destroy your game. So, no more superhuman running is possible. You can hurt your favorite players and lose games if you jam the sprint button. So, control your speed and perfect your aim.

Concluding, if you think that you can play like a boss without these tricks, you might be frustrated with back to back losses. So, learn something out of this post and make the most of it.

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5 Hidden Expenses That Can Suck the Cash Flow Out of Your Side Business

Side businesses can be a great source of extra income, as has been well document on this blog (here are two great articles from the community on it: but there are several hidden expenses that can suck life out of your cash flow. For the last several years I have run a number of side projects and run into these hidden expenses time and again. 

1. Software As A Service fees adding up

Software as a Service are software products that instead of paying one time for them, you pay smaller ongoing fees to be able to use. They are great initially for a business as you can save on the upfront cost and pay $10-$100/mo for ongoing use of them. At the same time, these fees start to add up and can really take a hit out of your cash flow. What to do? Look at the one time cost of similar software and evaluate your time period needed to break even if you were just to buy it outright. It may cost more upfront, but can lower your ongoing costs tremendously. 

2. Transaction Fees/Bank Fees

You send an invoice via paypal. Your customer pays. Paypal takes their cut. You have a client wire their payment to you. The bank takes a cut. You charge your clients credit card. Your credit card processor takes a cut. These transaction fees can add up to some significant cash flow drain over time. How to make it? Weigh your best options and then provide pricing adjustments that take in to account the various transaction fees. 

3. Sloppy Books/Calendaring

Keeping sloppy books, not tracking tax payment dates can really eat you up in late fees/penalties. Sloppy books can also increase your charges with an accountant when it comes time to pay your taxes. What to do? Hire a bookkeeper. They are pretty cheap and allow you to have the peace of mind that things are taken care of and you avoid excessive late fees. 

4. Improper insurance coverage

More than likely you need insurance for your business, but overpaying on insurance because of the brand you choose or the policy you have can add on to your expenses in unneccesary ways. Insureon publishes reports that let you see what other similar size businesses get in the way of coverage and this can help you determine if you have the right policy. 

5. Spending too much time researching

This one is counterintuitive, but some times you can spend too much time researching a product or solution for your business in hopes to save some money, when really it would have been more cost effective to spend a bit more, but save time that could be used on focusing on client sales. 

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