We all know someone who would rather go into hiding than stand their own round at the bar. You may have even been the victim of the thoughtlessness of a motorist, who after denting your vehicle fails to leave their details or an offer to pay for the damage. However, the following examples of stinginess will take some beating, and although some are admittedly quite funny, the majority are just down right insulting.

Racist runaway

This week’s papers feature an article about a rather rude and blatantly racist driver in Sydney, who after ploughing into a stationary vehicle left a note saying, “I’m sorry I reversed into your car. I am Asian and can’t drive. Here’s a hungry jack’s voucher.” Obviously intending to inject some humour into the situation, the driver failed spectacularly and incensed the victim so much that he has taken to the internet in an attempt to find out who the culprit is. To make matters worse there were witnesses to the incident, yet they failed to note the registration of the offending vehicle as they believed the motorist was leaving his contact details.

The Daily Mail newspaper provides further examples of other weird and wonderful offers of compensation, including:

• £2.48 compensation for not having internet for a month

• A year’s supply of fruit cake (I’d be pretty happy with this one to be honest)

• Vouchers that can only be used in the USA … plane tickets with that one please!

• A carton of orange juice that was actually out of date and going mouldy

• A free meal for a customer at the same restaurant they endured food poisoning

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