LED wall lights offer a versatile method of lighting a bedroom and emphasizing some of its features. They can be adapted to provide standard lighting for reading in bed or used to illuminate specific spaces and change the mood of the room.

Wall lights as a decorative item have been out of fashion for a few decades. Many people associate them with 1970s gaudy patterned wall paper around a single bare brick wall, and low, often orange or green-coloured pendant lights.

Today, LED lights have made wall lighting popular again. Their versatility in shape, size and brightness allows LEDs to be used as task or ambient lights and change the character of the bedroom according to its occupants’ mood. Importantly, they can be installed to remain safe and cool in children’s bedrooms.


Wall sconces available at the Visible Lighting store can be used to frame the bed and give a romantic appeal to the room. A mirror or a picture with an overhanging down light from a wall sconce provides another focus to the room. Sconces with a dimmer can be installed above the bed so that the down light works both as ambient lighting and as a bedside lamp so saving space on the bedside table.

Strip Lighting

Low voltage LED strip lighting produces some spectacular effects when installed along the coving between walls and ceiling, the corners between walls or even around a window frame. Shorter strips will be able to illuminate hard to reach parts of a room. Use strip LED lights under or above coving to illuminate the wall downwards or the ceiling upwards. Change the mood of the room by switching between up lights and down lights. The beam angle can be varied between 30 and 70 degrees for the desired effect.

Use multicoloured strips LEDs to change the mood of the bedroom dramatically. The lights can be attached to a remote control that can change up to seven colours. These can be set to a specific shade or change smoothly through the colours. Wall washing lights at the high end of the market give a uniform light over a large space and enhance its texture and architectural details.


Bracket lights stand out from the wall on a fixture. This is the type of wall light fixture where LEDs adapt to traditional lighting styles. A flexible bed head bracket light is an economic and easy to use reading light, particularly if it works with on/off touch technology rather than a mechanical switch. A flexible arm makes it easy to adjust to the needs of the user. As with all LED lights it remains cool when running. This type of light can also be enough to light up part of the bedroom when necessary. It is an ideal solution for guest bedroom lighting.

Larger, wall-mounted LED spotlights with a globe bulb can be used for both task and ambient lighting in the bedroom if a stronger light is needed.

Glass wall brackets give more light than a sconce but can be adjusted or dimmed to provide a subtle effect. Liberty-style patterned glass can give a beautiful stained glass effect, whilst frosted curved glass produces a timeless, elegant appeal.

Children’s Bedrooms

Kids use their bedroom for playing with friends, toys and doing homework as well as sleeping, so lighting has to be fun, practical and safely out of reach. A low voltage clip, wall-mounted LED spotlight over a table will give enough light for play and homework and still remain cool.