Finding life insurance companies can be overwhelming.  There are so many to choose from and each one offers something different.  There are many ways to find companies, but the process can be difficult and long.  Even then, there is still the process of comparison in an effort to decide which company and which policy to go with.  What is there was a better way?  Life insurance does not exactly lend itself to creativity, but here is more than one way to find the best insurance company to fit your needs.  It may be that you follow the old standby, the standard method of searching online or the yellow pages.  A somewhat more creative approach is to use the “word of mouth” method.  There is something even better though.  What if there were a company that could simply provide you a list to choose from that included various companies and policies that fit your needs?  Understanding each method is the only way to determine which one will work best for you.

The Standard

The standard way to find life insurance companies is to search the yellow pages or the internet.  Simply do a search and take a look.  What do they offer?  How does their ad look?  What does their website offer?  Give them a call.   What is your first impression?  How helpful are they?  What kind of information gathering process do they use?  Were they polite?  How quickly can they get you the information you need? Use the answer to all of these questions, make a short list, and narrow it down from there.  There has to be a better way though, right?

A Little More Creative

Ask around to friends and family and see what they have to say.  Which companies do they use?  Why do they use them?  Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement.  The only problem is that what your friends and family need in relation to life insurance may not be the same as what you need in relation to life insurance. You still must go through the process of contacting each company and going through each agent to even get a list of the policies each agency has that will fit your needs.  There should still be a more streamlined, innovative approach. 


Med life is the most innovative way to not only find life insurance companies, but to find the specific policies at each company that best fit your needs.  One list, one time comparison, one decision is all that is needed and Med life can make it happen. Using a simple form, pertinent information that relates to your insurance needs is collected and used to pull together a list of the most effective and cost efficient policies to fit your needs. 

Finding life insurance is never easy.  Just wading through all of the possible companies is difficult enough.  That is before you ever get to the process of choosing the exact policy that will work best as far as coverage and cost.  There is no need to spend more time and energy that you have to.  Let Med life handle the hard part, and all you have to do is take your pick.  It may not be as simple as all of that, but it is certainly more simple than it would be otherwise.