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Why the NHS Needs to Improve Employee Engagement

Staff engagement remains a hot trend in the private sector, but is its reach yet to fully extend to public-sector organisations such as the NHS?

The National Health Service is one of the UK’s most renowned public services and its model is held up as an exemplar of public health provision across the world. However, evidence shows that there is still plenty of scope available to develop the organisation further using modern business principles. Experts also believe that without these modern business models the NHS will struggle to evolve. Will engagement models hold the key to this historic organisation’s future?

The Value of Staff Engagement to the NHS

Staff engagement is a driving principle of modern business and industry. It involves developing, rewarding, communicating to and empowering staff to bring about measurable gains. This people-based strategy is adopted by organisations large and small to develop employee wellbeing, retention, motivation and performance. In the case of the NHS, it is intrinsically linked to associated benefits and measurable things such as patient care and satisfaction as well as clinical outcomes such as treatment rates and mortality. Ultimately, and in the case of the NHS specifically, an employee engagement strategy which is effectively planned, integrated and communicated can work to deliver safer patient care of higher quality. So how well is the UK-wide organisation doing at integrating such approaches?

The NHS has devoted resources and effort towards developing an engagement strategy over the past 24 months, but there remains real scope for further advancement and improvement. Internal employee satisfaction survey and focus group approaches are allowing current progress to be measured and assessed for improvements, and further opportunities certainly remain.

The Drivers of Engagement

Staff engagement isn’t simply a nice-to-have or a driver of performance. There are cost implications too. The NHS faces significant pressures to reduce its costs, and demand is rapidly growing for its services. Budgets are frozen whilst costs increase, requiring managers to find more effective and efficient ways of working to squeeze more value from resources and assets. A second driver is care quality and safety, following the Francis Report concerning the Mid Staffs scandal last year.

Useful Background Research and Reading

A report by the IPA has been produced for NHS employers and the association of Healthcare People Managers. It looks at interventions and approaches that deliver high engagement and offers specific recommendations at a Trust level. Equally, another useful resource is the recent survey by Aon Hewitt which shows current engagement levels and the benefits of increasing these.

The NHS faces significant challenges for its staff, including pay freezes, increased productivity requirements and significant organisational changes and associated risk management. Managers will need to look at the employee lifecycle to improve retention and attraction of key talent and the highest performers, whilst establishing the employee value proposition to bring in top performers, particularly from the private sector. To achieve this full set of improved performance and delivery objectives, staff will need to be fully engaged and supported to unlock innovative approaches and to drive forward more efficient services. Ultimately, this means that the right staff engagement strategy is not simply an optional extra. It is potentially a fundamental delivery platform that will allow the NHS to succeed in its future challenges.

3 Good Accident Smartphone Apps For Auto Insurance Claims

The time during an auto accident is a harried time where we barely remember our names, let alone the myriad small details we are suppose to remember and or think about. However this period of time is quite crucial and can possibly mean the difference between getting a large insurance settlement or being found at fault and responsible for a rather large bill. So it pays (literally) to be vigilant and to record information as accurately as possible during an accident.

 Luckily there are a number of smartphone apps which help us do just that and are quite good at it. In this article, we take a look at a few of them. See our top picks below.

1. Car Accident Report –

This handy dandy app allows you to record important information that is needed during an insurance claim and or simply to relay back in police reports. Things such as driver details, vehicle information, photos, video, witness statements and so on. You can have some it pre populated such as your insurance company contact number, policy numbers, etc but most important is (on the scene) information. Since this is usually through all the chaos, the hardest part to remember.

2. Help! I Crashed My Car –

This app bills itself as your personal vehicle assistant and its name is spot on. Through the app you can quickly find local police, hospital and or ambulance information, get tips on what to do during an accident, get live traffic updates and even schedule vehicle repair appointments on the spot. These things might not seem terribly vital when you’re calmly sitting behind a computer screen; but it’s an entirely different matter after a vehicular collision. Our thoughts and hearts go into overdrive and the simplest information escapes our brains; so these apps can and do come in handy in a time of need.

3. iWrecked –

iWrecked is both good on Android and iPhone and essentially it helps with having detailed vehicle and insurance information at your fingertips. We like this one because of it’s ease of use and nice looking interface. If you like simple, go with iWrecked and download to your phone to get a feel for it. Remember these apps allow you to pre populate information such as contact numbers for your insurance carrier, policy numbers, coverage limits, type, etc which is needed both during and after an accident; along with police report. These are the first set of questions asked during the claims process as well. Simply pull out your smartphone and the info will be there.

No one likes to plan for an accident, but those who do – are in a better position to manage it better and properly. Insurance companies need details of an accident and the better prepared you are, the better your chances of coming out on top during a harsh claims process.

Be ready and have fun during your travels, but most of all – be safe. Good luck.

PES 2018: Tricks to succeed

We all love it, but we even know that it is not easy to play like a boss and win every game. So, here are some tips and tricks compiled to help you succeed and will almost every match you play.

Pass and move

This is not a secret tip, but you need to focus on it more than ever because PES 2018 is quick and sensitive. Your finger tips should be ready to make quick passes and keep moving. Even if you have the best player (for us it is Messi), you need to be really quick.

And yes, start practicing it. Slowly and steadily you will be able to move the ball quickly. After all, you need skill and sharp responses for the same.

Balanced Team

Building our favorite team is easy, but one should not assume that our favorite team is balanced. Yes, we are leaving out someone because we don’t know much about their abilities (or let’s face it! We hate them and so we don’t want them in our regular team).

Apart from players, we need to focus on the formations too.

Plan to defend

We want to score more and win more. However, it is important to defend better if you want to win an important game. To defend well, you need to contain your opponents. You can do this by attempting to push players towards the wings. Here, make sure that you send a second player and pressure your opponent. You can send a second player by holding square (PS4) and X (XBOX).

Another important point here is – you should never try to commit to every tackle. Save your energy and strategy for the crucial ones.


PES 2018 is a superior game, and there are infinite ways to score. The game makes your shooting crisp and sharp. However, the finesse shots take practice. So, it is important to practice such shots. When in a game, practice shots even while playing with a lesser-known team (if you are winning the game).

Pace control

This can be difficult at the start. However, once you get used to playing, you can expect controlled shots that reach the target.

Tip: When starting out, you should try and bring players into the game to control midfield battles. Sprinting all the time won’t help. In fact, it will make things worse for you. Stamina issues are here to stay, and you can expect this little reason to destroy your game. So, no more superhuman running is possible. You can hurt your favorite players and lose games if you jam the sprint button. So, control your speed and perfect your aim.

Concluding, if you think that you can play like a boss without these tricks, you might be frustrated with back to back losses. So, learn something out of this post and make the most of it.

If you have not yet bought your copy, visit an online store and buy it.

5 Hidden Expenses That Can Suck the Cash Flow Out of Your Side Business

Side businesses can be a great source of extra income, as has been well document on this blog (here are two great articles from the community on it: but there are several hidden expenses that can suck life out of your cash flow. For the last several years I have run a number of side projects and run into these hidden expenses time and again. 

1. Software As A Service fees adding up

Software as a Service are software products that instead of paying one time for them, you pay smaller ongoing fees to be able to use. They are great initially for a business as you can save on the upfront cost and pay $10-$100/mo for ongoing use of them. At the same time, these fees start to add up and can really take a hit out of your cash flow. What to do? Look at the one time cost of similar software and evaluate your time period needed to break even if you were just to buy it outright. It may cost more upfront, but can lower your ongoing costs tremendously. 

2. Transaction Fees/Bank Fees

You send an invoice via paypal. Your customer pays. Paypal takes their cut. You have a client wire their payment to you. The bank takes a cut. You charge your clients credit card. Your credit card processor takes a cut. These transaction fees can add up to some significant cash flow drain over time. How to make it? Weigh your best options and then provide pricing adjustments that take in to account the various transaction fees. 

3. Sloppy Books/Calendaring

Keeping sloppy books, not tracking tax payment dates can really eat you up in late fees/penalties. Sloppy books can also increase your charges with an accountant when it comes time to pay your taxes. What to do? Hire a bookkeeper. They are pretty cheap and allow you to have the peace of mind that things are taken care of and you avoid excessive late fees. 

4. Improper insurance coverage

More than likely you need insurance for your business, but overpaying on insurance because of the brand you choose or the policy you have can add on to your expenses in unneccesary ways. Insureon publishes reports that let you see what other similar size businesses get in the way of coverage and this can help you determine if you have the right policy. 

5. Spending too much time researching

This one is counterintuitive, but some times you can spend too much time researching a product or solution for your business in hopes to save some money, when really it would have been more cost effective to spend a bit more, but save time that could be used on focusing on client sales. 

How To Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums-6 Strategies

Maintaining a car costs a lot of money. You have to buy fuel, pay for insurance and pay for repair costs every time you take it to the mechanic. These costs can at time leave your pockets empty. The good news is that it is possible to reduce the cost of maintaining your car by reducing your car insurance premiums. This can be done using the following strategies;

 1. Select the right policy

The biggest mistake that most people make is choosing an auto insurance policy that does not suit them best. Select the insurance policy that right for you. When you choose a wrong policy, you end paying large premiums for extras that are irrelevant to you. If you own an older car or a less valuable model, consider taking a third party theft and fire policy. A comprehensive cover is suited for new and expensive cars.

2. Insure multiple drivers and cars

Add other people to your insurance policy to cut costs. Insurers usually welcome this move if the person you are adding is an experienced driver. This will help to reduce the amount of premiums that you pay every month. If you have more that one car, insure it with the same insurance company. This is because you will get a better deal when you bring more to the insurance company. This tactic is used by many parents to young drivers. Talk to your agent/auto insurance company to know if the person you want to add to your policy is qualified. Generally speaking, most insurance company allow this type of arrangement only if the driver that you want to include in your policy lives with you in the same residence or if he/she is related to you by blood.

3. Take your time to shop around when looking for auto insurance

Do not settle for the first insurance company that you bump into. Shop around to obtain quotes from competing auto insurance companies. This will help you find cheap car insurance that best suits you. However, do not jump into the cheapest deal without checking the insurer’s credit worthiness. If you don’t check, you may end up taking a policy from a company that will not pay your claim when you need it..

4. Pay your premiums in full

Paying for your annual cover at once is cheaper than paying premiums on a monthly basis. This is because when you pay for a whole year you avoid the monthly installments and the bank charges that you will incur if you decide to pay for your cover monthly.

5. Install anti-theft devices

Install anti-theft devices and tell your insurance company about it. This can help to lower the amount of premiums that you pay tremendously. Before installing anti-theft devices, ask your agent/insurance company to recommend specific anti-theft devices that can lower your premiums.

6. Maintain a clean record

Your record is obviously one of major factors that is considered when determining the cost of insuring your car. A driver that has been involved in many accidents or that has committed many traffic offenses will definitely pay more premiums than a driver who has a clean record. Therefore, try as much as you can to maintain a clean record.

Social Trading Demystified

Social trading is a relatively recent development and an excellent way to gain access to the fiscal markets. Before, traders were forced to rely on technical analysis and trade fundamentals to make decisions about their trades. Social trading allows you to trade better and in a group. It links traders from all over the world in a social trading network, allowing them to pool their skills, experience and even resources. The main function of social trading is to give them up-to-date information about global financial market, allowing them to make better informed and more secure decisions.

There are many platforms that offer services that make social trading easier. They usually offer statistics of their member traders, complete with analyses of their trading histories and mutual ranking. Some also offer direct copy trading, an excellent choice if you’re strapped for time and there is a trader whose reputation you trust. It allows you to simply allocate a portion of your trading capital to a trader you have selected and the platform will automatically make the same trades he or she does in proportion to the money allocated. Of course, it is often not a good idea to allocate all of your funds to a single trader, even the best can still make mistakes and there is no such thing as a 100% success rate.

What social trading essentially allows you to do, is to draw on collected wisdom of all members of the social platform. Signal to noise ratio will take some skill in deciphering, but once you get the hang of it, it will ease the way you trade significantly.

As with all social networks, social trading networks vary in their functionality and purpose, some are simply virtual meeting places to exchange information, while others offer full virtual market trading floor functionality.

Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.

Some platforms, such as, for example, eToro and ZuluTrade have a relatively low barrier to entry, are simple to use and require 50$ and 300$ for minimum investment respectively. For recently created TradeCrowd minimum investment varies by country. These three platforms are also much more open, they allow pretty much any trader to be copied from/followed in their basic functionality (ZuluTrade is slightly more exclusive and requires traders to be followed to execute 31 valid trades – not profitable, just valid). While that offers excellent amount of choice, if you’re looking for traders to follow you need quality, not quantity. It can be difficult to pick the right selection of traders to follow with so much going on.

On the other side you have Currensee, an exclusive network marketed to “serious investors”. The network itself requires 1000$ minimum investment while many other traders require much more, reaching and exceeding 10.000 $. Meaning you need to have in excess of 30.000$ if you wish to trade effectively. On the plus side, their Trade leaders are monitored and vetted constantly, only successful and reliable traders are allowed into the selection of about 20 Trade leaders.

Selection is large and ever increasing, with more and more people jumping on the trade network bandwagon. Picking out the one that suits you can be a challenge, but it is not a decision to be made lightly and you should definitely give it some thought. Whenever possible, go with the demo account first, try before you buy is a time honored practice.

Short Term Loans Resolve Your Social & Economic Problems Quickly

Sometimes we have to cope up with several social and cultural problems. One of the most important common social dilemmas is widely recognized as redundancy. There are hundreds of millions of people sitting empty handed and penniless at their homes due to the prevalence of the redundancy across the world.  

According to recent survey on the unemployment, approximately hundreds of millions of have been coping with redundancy and joblessness in United States of America, United Kingdom and many other countries cross the world. Do you know about the root cause of the redundancy? One of the most important reasons of the joblessness is none other than recession and economic meltdown worldwide. People are indeed worried and depressed due to their poor socio-economic circumstances in United States and many other countries of the world nowadays. In the meantime, several online payday loan companies have launched the scheme of instant payday loans for rehabilitation of the people throughout the world.

There are several forms of payday loan. One of the most widely recognized loans is instant payday advance. The good about this type of loan is that it is offered to the deserving person within a matter of split seconds. This is widely recognized as the fast payday advance. These types of loans and grants are very popular in UK, Australia, Canada, USA and many other countries of the world. As far as the benefit of the payday cash advance is concerned, it indeed boosts up your financial situation. With the help of payday loans you will be able to get back your self confidence and self esteem into your life instantly. These types of loans and grants promote the self actualization in the individuals and folks all over the world. Such grants promote your self-image, exposure, identity and credibility to a great extent.

Another incredible benefit of payday advances is that they will improve the standard of living of a self drastically. You will be able to meet your daily as well as monthly expenditures via payday loans in a convenient way. For instance you will not have any kind of problem regarding the reimbursement of your debts, due electricity bills, medical bills, grocery costs and car repairing expenditure with the help of the fast payday advances. The rule with regard to the availability of the instant payday loans is very simple and hassle free. Via online payday loan application form you will be eligible for instant small cash loans online advance of up to $500-$1000 on the same day without bearing any high mark up. Many online payday advance companies are offering instant cash advance facility for their esteemed customers with a low mark up in USA and across the world nowadays.

Big business and soccer have come a long way in 100 years

It’s been around for 100 years – soccer in the United States, that is, but don’t tell die-hard football fans in Europe or the Middle East. They probably wouldn’t believe you anyway. However, if you get the chance, point them to the US Soccer Federation website instead. It’s all there, a century of history which began with a coming together of like minds at New York City’s Astor House Hotel on April 5, 1913.  

Out of that meeting was born the United States of America Foot Ball Association, and yes, football was foot ball, two separate words. The historic meeting set the foundation for US soccer’s growth and success at all levels, from youth, amateur and all the way up to professional. The organisation changed it’s name and became the US Soccer Football Association in 1945, and then changed once more to its current name in 1974.  

A couple of fascinating tidbits. US soccer was one of the world’s first organizations to be affiliated with FIFA, soccer’s world governing body. When the US hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1994, more than 3.5 million spectators flocked to stadiums in the nine cities staging matches, an attendance record which still stands today. At that same competition, the USA advance beyond the first round for the first time in 64 years with a 2-1 victory over Columbia, an occasion watched by no less than 93,869 fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  

Soccer, football, call it what you will, is big business wherever in the world it takes place. And none are more enthusiastic fans than those in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), many of whom follow the big European teams. Major national and international companies are always eager to jump aboard, too, offering huge sponsorship deals in the process.  

First Gulf Bank, one of the major leading banks in the UAE, has just agreed a new partnership with England’s Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) to become the club’s Official Affinity Credit Card Bank Partner. The ground-breaking deal, which is three years in length, will see the launch of the first English football club credit card in the UAE.  

The First Gulf Bank Manchester City Football Club Credit Card is designed with the fan firmly in mind and will provide its holders with a multitude of benefits including special deals on official club merchandise, personalised gifts and souvenirs via the club’s online store.  

Cardholders will also have the chance to win all expense paid trips to watch City play in Manchester and money-can’t-buy experiences including exclusive tours of the Etihad Stadium and visits to the training ground to meet the first team and watch them train.  

Created to cater for City’s ever-growing fan base in the Middle East, the card will also provide a host of local benefits and experiences to cardholders and their families within the UAE, including complimentary kids coaching sessions by official MCFC coaches, special discounts at the official Manchester City School of Football in Abu Dhabi and annual family fun days.  

Card holders can also enjoy exclusive offers on global hotel bookings, access to global airport lounges, complimentary multi-trip travel insurance and buy-one-get-one-free offers at cinemas across the UAE.  

Whether in the US or the UAE, soccer – sorry, football – has surely come a very long way since that far-off meeting in the Astor House Hotel in New York a century ago.

Should You Borrow Funds for Your Next Car Purchase?

Good cars can come with a hefty price. Most people facing an imminent car purchase find themselves in a rather difficult situation. The necessary funds are not always available on the spot, and this leads to an unpleasant situation to fulfill your possession of your dream car.

Many people think of borrowing money or want to go for cars on finance. Are you in this situation and consider borrowing money? Here are some points to consider before making any such move towards a new car.

Car Loans – Is It a Good Idea?

With a decent credit score, there is hardly any problem with getting a loan from a bank or another type of lender. Car loans represent big commitments, though. Are you convinced you will be able to repay it? Will it not hinder your lifestyle or other important plans? The best way to assess this is to count how much you can save, without having to alter your lifestyle (at least not in absurd ways). If you already have some savings, you can use this to reduce your loan. Also, keep in mind that you are going to spend extra for the car (registration, fuel, maintenance) once you have it. To make things more clear, you can use budgeting tools or repayment calculators you will find online.

What If I Have Bad Credit?

When having bad credit, every financial move becomes a lot more troublesome. Loans are not easy to obtain – unless you know which type of loan to go for. Unsecured ones are usually short-0term loans and these may not provide as much as you need. However, these are helpful when you already have part of the sum you are going to pay for the vehicle. A great advantage of borrowing money this way is that the method is very quick and you will have your funds to use immediately, no credit check required and no questions asked.

Deciding What to Buy

Even when one thinks they already know what they want, a world of possibilities still lies ahead and they are not aware of it yet. The car market is extremely wide. It is important to know your options well before you buy. If you are totally willing to pay for a new vehicle, expect to pay much more than for a used one. Older cars are not necessarily inferior, though. If your budget is not suitable to a new car purchase, your best option is to go for a used one. Beware of mechanical issues, because those will be yours to pay for. To avoid such, it is best to stay away from private sellers.

Selling Your Old Car for Cash

If you already own a car but you are done and through with it, you may consider one excellent funding source is already there in your garage. It is your old car. Many people chose to value this asset and thus obtain significant funding for the new acquisition. Getting used car finance is now simple thanks to car dealers everywhere. The car owner can negotiate and have their car sold. The earnings depend on the vehicle’s condition. If it is fit for driving, it will be sold further. If it is too rusty and old, it goes to scrap metal. Either way, the owner gets money on it.

There are more than just a few options when it comes to finding ways to fund your next car purchase. Borrowing money is not always necessary, nor is it the best move to make. Do consider the advice above, compare thoroughly and choose wisely.

Tips To Beat The Stock Market Heat

The manner in which 2018 started, many countries have had to let go of their outdated economic policies and actually sit up and take care of the manners in which they can contribute to the speed of the global economy. In this scenario, it becomes highly important that you use a definite plan to secure your business and investments, more so if you are centered around the forex and stock market. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe even when the stock market heat goes beyond tolerance.

The current year has started on a negative note for most investors and business owners of small and medium sized enterprises are worried sick as to how they can survive the failing stock market. US has opened up new jobs for its residents and this has definitely brought in a flood of investments in the economy, thereby making the prospects of the dollar bright in near future. However, you have to be your own guide and ensure that there are no misses in your back up plan in case there is a currency crash in your country. The tips enlisted below are meant for both business owners and investors in the stock market.

Forex Trading Apps: Most investors have a certain forex trading app through which they invest in the stock market. The same is not the case with entrepreneurs and business owners who focus on organizational and marketing literature. Since we have witnessed a whole   new set of happenings in the forex market, it would be wise to download a popular forex trading application like the OANDA or the NetoTrade on your mobile and stay thoroughly updated regarding the latest trends, tips and alerts about the stock market. This gives you a preview of the direction that your target market is going to take, and helps you build correct strategies snce the applications seend in alerts in the form of tips and updates on your mobile from time to time.

Meet up with forex traders more often: Generating a deep understanding of the market is important for investors and business owners alike. Team up and meet with forex traders often to understand in which direction your investments should be optimized and whether there is a neat future for the investments that you already have done. Peer reviews of strategy are always the best way to ensure success of your plans. 

Attend Workshops and Seminars: The best way to stay abreast with the latest happenings and trends in your market is by attending workshops and conferences where fresh ideas are shared through seminars, presentations and workshops. The main target of this approach is to be acquainted with the newest trends and predictions of the economy.

Create your own pinboard: Adding a bit of creativity to your research is always a positive thing. You can create a pin board all for yourself, or your employees and partners where the latest trends, your thoughts, quotes and investing principles are shared with your followers. This way you have all relevant market information in your hands whenever you need it.

Get your trading noticed through online advertising: Make sure that your business and your trading skills are noticed across online portals by sharing across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and by interacting with like-minded thinkers. There is no doubt that the market response and predictions will get highlighted on your social pages sooner or later, helping you understand what will work and what will not.

In conclusion, it would be safe to say that having a backup plan on your mind that helps you watch the turbulence in the stock market impassively is always the idea way to do business. Therefore, whether you are investing in stocks, trading in forex, or simply securing the future of your business, following the above mentioned tips will help you face the stock market heat easily.

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