I could have spent this article banging on about how cutting back on fuel usage or shopping at places like Aldi could help to ensure you meet any savings goals, but let’s face it, with a title like weird ways to save… you’re probably expecting something a little out of the ordinary, right? Well, as the good book says “ask, and it shall be given.”

Most of us encounter few problems when trying to save for small purchases of up to a few hundred pounds, but this seriously changes when we begin talking about car or holiday prices. Still, I’m convinced that if you use a little common sense and perhaps even adopt some of the methods I’m about to list, the whole process can be made considerably simpler, and a lot more fun.

Start Collecting Piggy Banks
Everyone needs a hobby don’t they, well, why not make collecting piggy bank yours? Okay, so, you won’t get a lot of money in just one or two, but if you become a serious enthusiast and coat every wall in your home with shiny porcelain hogs, you’ll easily have enough storage space to keep your loose change organised until the end of your natural life.

I recently bought one myself and found it was capable of holding around 20 pound coins at any one time, so if you had a mere 300 in your collection to begin with, you’d be able to save around £6,000 – impressive eh? The best part about all this is that each individual porker will have to be smashed open when you want to release the funds; this will provide both yourself and the entire family with hours of fun.

Stop Losing Weight
Although we probably all agree that being healthy is of paramount importance, regular drastic fluctuations in weight will mean you have to keep buying new clothes, and when you’re trying to save as much money as possible this simply not a good move. So, whether you’re skinny and eating lots, or chunky and dieting, stop now and think about the consequences of your actions.

Always Walk Everywhere
Obviously this will save money on fuel and vehicle insurance costs, but that isn’t really why it’s on the list. Walking everywhere will mean that going to work, coming home, going to the shops and even traveling to see your friends will take a considerably longer time – when you’re on your feet, you’re savings are sweet!

Get Rid Of Your Friends
Yes, we could all do with some conversation from time to time, but do you really need so many friends? Meeting up with only one or two people a week can be costly enough, never mind five or six. So, why not think about decreasing your circle and becoming more like a social hermit? That way, you’ll have to attend far fewer birthdays and spend much less cash. Admittedly you’ll get a bit bored from time to time, but with your new piggy bank hobby to think about, I doubt you’ll even notice.

Well, that’s it from me, I hope I’ve managed to brighten up your day. If, for some odd reason, those methods seem like too much hard work, then you could always bag yourself a quick loan from a reputable lender like www.unitedfinances.com. Even so, I’m predicting the porcelain farmyard animal hobby is going to take off in the US next year big time, but then again, that might just be hogwash!